Why Colombia

Why Colombia

Colombia is committed to transforming the mining industry into an economic pillar, meeting the highest environmental standards and contributing to the development of local communities.

Colombia is the second largest South American country with a population of 48 million habitants. In addition, seven of its main cities currently surpass one million habitants.

With a GDP of USD 380,000 million, Colombia is the third largest economy of Latin America following Brazil and Mexico. Additionally, it is known for having a stable and conservative economic policy that has enabled it to avoid a deficit in payment. Furthermore, it has a positive credit score from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In the past 10 years, Colombia has had an average GDP growth of 4%. In 2014, the Colombian economy registered the highest growth in Latin America and it occupied the seventh place at a global level with a 4.6% total GDP growth. Colombia’s inflation was measured at 3.6% - maintained within the government’s inflation goal.

As a result of a well-managed economy, Colombia enjoys stable and positive scores from the 3 main rating agencies at a global level – Standard & Poor’s (BBB: Stable), Moody’s (Baa2: Stable), and Fitch (BBB: positive) – due to its long-term growth dynamics and its proper fiscal management.