Procedures and Services

Concession Agreement Proposal

Agreement entered into between the State and a private entity so the latter can, at its own risk, conduct studies and exploration and exploitation activities of the minerals owned by the State within a specific area.  

Temporary License

The Mining Authority may grant, at the request of the interested parties, a temporary and non-transferable license to the territorial entities or contractors to build, repair, provide maintenance and make improvements on national, department or municipal roads during the term of the license to obtain the necessary construction materials from the surrounding lands, subject to environmental regulations.

National Mining Registry Certificate

The National Mining Registry Enquiry Report Sheet is the procedure by which the interested parties may obtain a list of all mining Titles, whether in force or not, at the moment of the request.

Area Availability Certificate

The Area Availability Certificate is a document by which interested parties may obtain information regarding the availability of a specific area, i.e., whether an area has already been requested or not.

Graphic Report Certificate

The Graphic Report certificate is a document by which interested parties may obtain information regarding the availability of a specific zone but unlike the Area Availability Certificate this one is presented in a graphic format.

Transfer of Concession Rights

Legal procedure by which the beneficiary of a mining title voluntarily assigns all or part of the mining title rights to a third party, prior authorization from or notice to the Mining Authority.

Transfer of Concession Areas

Legal act by which the beneficiary of a mining title voluntarily transfers its title rights to a third party through the material division of the targeted area, prior notice of the negotiation to The Mining Authority.

Extension Authorizations 

These authorizations grant the beneficiaries of the mining titles the possibility to extend the term of the mining title or the sub terms comprising it, provided that beneficiaries are up to date with their contractual obligations.

Delimitation and Establishment of Special Reserve Areas (Traditional Mining)

Delimitation of zones in those areas where traditional, informal mining exploitation activities are being conducted, and upon which no new licensing requests are allowed, to conduct geological-mining studies and develop strategic mining projects in order to determine the typology of special mining projects and their start up activities. This procedure is conducted if the interested mining community expressly requests it or in an informal way.

Delimitation of Mining Zones for Indigenous, Afro Colombian and Mixed Communities

The issuance of an administrative act in favor of indigenous, Afro Colombian or mixed communities to delimit mining zones so that such communities have preferences for the granting of concession agreements for ore deposits located in the delimited mining zones.