Online Filing Tool

The National Agency of Mining is making available a new online tool to file mining applications on the Web guaranteeing transparency, efficiency, and security. This new OFT provides wider coverage and further security in the filing process, and guarantees equal conditions of access for stakeholders.

How does the Online Filing Tool work?

The Online Filing Tool is based on a robust technology platform that implements all the necessary technological security measures and provides high-capability architecture and availability. The OFT is managed in a data center located external to the facilities of the National Agency of Mining. The OFT has a security electronic certificate that guarantees that all the transactions it processes are completely secure. The OFT will allow mining sector stakeholders to file their Concession Contract Proposals and Temporary License Applications via the web, avoiding queues and unnecessary losses of time.

However, if users do not have access to a computer, the National Agency of Mining provides face-to-face assistance in all its Regional Service Centers. Users can visit theses centers to file their applications with the assistance of a Customer Service representative, specifically trained to assist users in the online filing process.


What is the reason behind this new filing service?

In the public sphere, proper and timely service to citizens is the raison d’être of government entities. In that regard, the National Agency of Mining seeks to implement actions to improve and bridge its interaction channels between stakeholders and the Management. The Online Filing Tool is one of the various interaction channels the National Agency of Mining puts to the service of stakeholders.


What are the minimum system requirements to file applications online?

Users wanting to file mining applications must have at least the following minimum system requirements on their computers: 1 MB bandwidth capability or higher; if active proxy or firewall, browsing must be free. Supported explorers: Mozilla 10 or higher; Google Chrome 18 or higher; Internet Explorer 8 or higher; OS: Windows 7 or higher. Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher, Acrobat Reader 9 or higher, and Java pluggins. If you are a company, please make sure Port 8399 is enabled to avoid difficulties with image editors.

To access the Online Filling Tool, please click the button below: